ZX- series machine

1, using up and down adjustable precision screw mechanism.
2, Japan advanced zoom zoom lens 2.
Taiwan mintong CCD camera 2.
PHILIPS high definition liquid crystal display 1.
3, Taiwan TNI precision linear guide, ball screw.
4, servo motor drives the ball screw around precise positioning.
Align the cylinder to the plate, ensure the accuracy of the plate.
5, the camera can be fully adjustable, adjustable parallelism, paste version of high precision, exact topping.
6, can be a sleeve type version of the roller.
7, fast, easy to operate, the work efficiency is greatly improved.
8, suitable for rotary printing, flexographic resin plate printing plate.
Main technical parameters Technical Variables Main
Model L W H Model
ZX-1200 14706001360
Can be customized according to the size of the customer needs.