HSRT-450C flexo printing machine

1 ceramic roller ink.
2 release material, the material is made up of magnetic powder brake, clutch control (or optional import MITSUBISHI automatic inflation controller).
3 the printing unit uses 360 degrees to adjust to the version.
4 each printing unit has a set of infrared drying device.
5 may be full or partial function (water glue coated rubber or heat Sol for).
6 stop when an ink stick can be controlled automatically from low speed and ink being dry up
7 the host adopts imported frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
8 simple material for paper and correct coding, printing, positive and negative printing, glue, automatic drying and coiling a completed, is the ideal model for the printing self-adhesive trademark printing and medical paper printing and coating.
Main technical parameters:
Model HSRT-450C
Printing speed 50m/min
Printing color 4colors
Accuracy of the set of 0.1mm
Can a glue
Max width 500mm
Max width of printing 480mm
Unwinding maximum diameter 800mm
The maximum roll diameter 600mm
Printing perimeter 180-380mm
Paper thickness 40-250g
Supply voltage 380V + 0.10
Host power 3.7KW
Total power 25kW
Outline dimension 4800*1350*2500mm
The weight of the whole machine is about 2800kg