HSYJ-320A rotary slitting cutting machine

Product description:
The machine by the cutting cutting combination, applicable to blank self-adhesive products die-cutting, slitting, can be used alone and can also be a one-time completion, with computer rectification, automatic counting, automatic meters, the machine structure is compact, fast, high efficiency, simple operation, running balance.
1 reeling tension by magnetic control.
2 computer control built-in deviation correction, high precision, stable operation, no jitter.
3 deceleration motor with synchronous belt, power output and stable transmission, low noise.
Main technical parameters:
Model HSY-320A
Die cutting speed 70m/min
Max width 320mm
The maximum roll diameter of 500mm
The maximum rolling diameter of 500mm
Die cutting length 188-450mm
Outline dimension 1600*1060*1500mm