HSY-220 multi-function four round die cutting machine

Product description:
This machine is a multifunctional rotary die cutting machine, which is suitable for the production and processing of blank products. 14 groups of 4 groups with the feeding of a cutting position, can realize the multilayer material cutting the contour, fit and cutting molding,
1 the main body of the main frame is made of aluminum alloy, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the weight is light.
2 reeling station, convenient combination, and all by magnetic control, easy to adjust the tension.
3 built in computer correcting system, high sensitivity, easy to operate, balance of operation, no noise.
4 reeling tension control, tension stability.
Four 5 die cutting work station, the product is rich.
6 die cutting position 360 degrees can be adjusted.
7 deceleration motor output, stable speed, stable operation.
8 wheel design, easy to move.
Main technical parameters:
Die cutting speed
Max Web Width
Die cutting maximum width
Max roll diameter
Good 450mm
Max roll diameter
Good 450mm
Die cutting length
Outline dimension
About 700kg