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  • The non-woven fabric printing machine

    The non-woven fabric prin

    China's self adhesive label printing began in the last century 70's at the end of the last century, the main technologies, processes and materials from Japan, in Tianjin, Qingdao and Guangzhou and other coastal cities and the rise and sprea……

  • Laboratory of film blowing machine

    Laboratory of film blowin

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the constant expansion of the adhesive printing market, trademarks, stickers, signs, the market share of the inscription plate is increasing, which brings unlimited business oppo……

  • Non woven bag making machine.

    Non woven bag making mach

    At present, the chain transmission device is widely used in the high speed printing machine. In chain transmission device, delivery chain frame a paper gripper row in the guide rail operation, rail of the layout design of the pros and cons ……

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    HSR-650 flexo prin

    HSR320-6 6 color a

    HSR320-5 5 color f

    HSRT480-4 4 color

    HSR320/480-4 4 col

    HSR320/480-5 5 col

    HSR320-1 monochrom

    HSRT-450C flexo pr

    HSR320-5 5 color f

    HSR650/850-4 4 col

    HSM-320B/420B auto

    HSY-220 multi-func

    HSLZZ-320B roll cu

    HSY-320 three roun

    HSYJ-320A rotary s

    HSDF-B multi funct

    HSF-320 automatic

    HSY-200 round pres

    HSLZZ-320B indwell

    HSDF-B multi funct

    HSYJ press molding

    HSRT-450C flexo pr

    HSFJ-320 printing

    Pipe cutting machi

    HSJB-360 product i

    Flexible printing

    Steel wire brush

    ZX- series machine